The Lincolnshire Joint Formulary (LJF) is intended for use by prescribers across the Lincolnshire Health Community. The development of the formulary has been overseen by the Prescribing and Clinical Effectiveness Forum (PACEF) working in conjunction with the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee based in United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Lincolnshire Joint Formulary content and choices are based on clinical evidence as well as consultant and GP opinion and incorporate the latest NICE guidance. The formulary aims to provide information on medicines available to prescribers in Lincolnshire, reflecting safe, evidence-based, cost-effective choices.

Medicines are listed within the formulary with coloured traffic light status with the following definitions;

Status Definition


Amber 1

Medicines that should be initiated by a specialist and prescribed by primary care prescribers only under a shared care protocol. Prior agreement must be obtained by the specialist from the primary care provider before prescribing responsibility is transferred.


Amber 2

Medicines suitable to be prescribed in primary care after specialist recommendation or initiation.  



This will signify a product that is approved for initiation in either primary or secondary care within licensed indications.  Specialist initiation and shared care guidelines are not considered necessary.  



Medicines restricted for use in those patients under the care of external trusts i.e. – North West Anglia Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust or the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust  



This will signify that a product has been approved for use within secondary or tertiary care, or by a primary care hosted specialist service only and should not be routinely prescribed in primary care. 

RED drugs may be used within ULHT, NWAFT or LPFT subject to approval for use within each trust.  ULHT, NWAFT and LPFT reserve the right to determine whether or not RED drugs will be used within their trusts.

RED classification does not automatically signify that a drug will be available within secondary/tertiary care.



This will signify that a product is not recommended for prescribing in both primary and secondary care.

Note that all new products are classified as RED-RED pending assessment by PACEF.



Please note that the Lincolnshire Joint Formulary is currently being updated to flag those medicines that are also available to buy Over the Counter (OTC) either at Pharmacies or General Sales Outlets.