Antibiotic Resources

Lincolnshire Antibiotic Guidelines

Available in PDF form, via your browser or on your phone as the Microguide App (available to download via the App store and Google Play. Or via the Lincolnshire PACE website: Clinical Guidelines :: Lincolnshire Prescribing and Clinical Effectiveness ( under BNF Chpt5: Infections.

Microguide App

Microguide is available via the App store and Google Play. You will find our local antimicrobial guidelines listed under ‘Lincolnshire STP’. The app makes it easier to access and navigate the main Trust wide antimicrobial guidelines, therefore aiding safe prescribing and practice. 

Below are the webview links for the three Lincolnshire STP sections on Microguide. 

•    Adult Hospital:
•    Paeds Hospital:
•    Primary Care: 

Scanning the QR code will also take you to the Microguide guidelines:

Educational Material

Health Education England antimicrobial resistance resources: Educational materials and resources to help staff training on infection prevention and control, antimicrobial resistance, and stewardship.

e-Learning for Health (eLfH) antimicrobial resistance resources: Freely available learning sessions for all NHS health and social care staff – both clinical and non-clinical - in a variety of settings on management of various infections (covering urinary tract infections, sepsis, skin and soft tissue infections), infection prevention and control, antimicrobial resistance and stewardship and clinical and medical leadership.

The national antimicrobial stewardship plan can be viewed here; NHS Long Term Plan » Antimicrobial resistance


Other Data Sources

Open Prescribing has anonymised data on all GP surgeries published every month, and is free to access.

PrescQIPP (free registration) has various dashboards with AMS information, including novel data on current national workstreams such as 5 day vs 7 day course lengths. Course length information available here: Optimising Antimicrobial Use Dashboard | PrescQIPP C.I.C


Specific Searches

Our team is happy to try and faciliate specific data for practices on request, please get in touch with us;



We can provide a review of OptimiseRx rejection and acceptance messages which may highlight specific reasons for prescribing. This is available upon request.


Resources for Patients

“When should I worry?” – This provides information for parents about the management of respiratory tract infections

The Little Orange Book helps parents to manage common illnesses (produced by NewcastleGateshead CCG)

Healthier Together is a website which is maintained by Hampshire Dorset and Isle of Wight, but has a national section which includes advice on common issues

TARGET includes various resources for clinicians, but also for patients, and their Patient Awareness leaflets can be a good way to initiate conversations



Embedded below is an audit developed in collaboration with the ULHT AMS Consultant Pharmacist and AMS Group, for Lincolnshire. This audit is based on secondary care KPIs which have been adapted for use in primacy care by the AMS group.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme - Primary Care Antibiotics Audit

Specific primary care audits are currently undergoing development. Please contact us if there is a particular are you would like us to look at developing an audit pack for.

There are national audit packs available for specific conditions in primary care and these can be found via the Target website at the following address: Antibiotic stewardship tools, audits and other resources: Audit toolkits (


Improving Prescribing

  • Be aware of changes in prescribing which may be related to locums or new staff joining, as well as seasonal prescribing patterns
  • Use the shortest course possible to treat the condition. NICE recommends 5-day courses for many things now where 7 day courses were historically used – check COPD rescue pack course lengths on repeat, and doxycycline courses (check loading dose and then 4 days instead of 5)
  • Share tips and tricks with other neighbouring practices
  • Share this pack with your colleagues
  • Regular Audit to assess your current prescribing
    • Check no hospital only antibiotics prescribed accidentally (RED on the Joint Lincolnshire Formulary)
    • Audit long term and prophylactic antibiotic prescribing
  • If the data has highlighted anything that you want to explore further then please let us know so we can help
  • Explore the use of templates e.g. Arden’s to standardise practice
  • Consider delayed prescriptions where appropriate
  • Appoint a practice AMS lead if you do not already have one.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, pledge to become an antibiotic guardian by following the link;



TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit

TARGET: Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education, Tools. 

The toolkit is designed to be used by the whole primary care team within the GP practice or out of hours setting. It includes a range of resources that can each be used to support prescribers’ and patients’ responsible antibiotic use, helping to fulfil CPD and revalidation requirements.

To access the TARGET toolkit, please follow the link; TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit


The UK Sepsis Trust

The UK Sepsis Trust website provides clinical support, information and professional resources.

Access the website here;