Lincolnshire Pain Café

As part of our ongoing work to support people in Lincolnshire experiencing long term persistent pain, Lincolnshire’s NHS has launched a new virtual pain café.

There will be 10 virtual events throughout the year that people can join from the comfort of their own home and join others experiencing similar persistent pain, to learn new techniques, share experiences and look at alternatives to medication.

The sessions take place once a month on a Wednesday, over the course of 12months and will be around 20 mins of teaching. There will also be some face-to-face sessions hosted in various locations across the county and more details will follow once confirmed.

The sessions will follow the 10 steps of the nationally recognised  Live Well with Pain programme, with time to ask questions and share experiences where people feel comfortable.

These are open to anyone experiencing persistent pain and people can be an active participant, or sit with camera off and just listen, whatever they prefer.

Whilst the sessions have already started people can join at any time. email for more information and dates.

Session 6 Part 2 taking place on 19th June from 12.30pm will look at Sleep. Hosted by Graham Dunthorne, a GP with specialist interest in Pain Management. Teaching covers the role of the brain in how we experience pain and how this can inform our approach to pain management.

These are group activities and by registering and attending the session people should be willing to share information provided at registration or during the session with all participants. These are not one to one confidential appointments and more a friendly and supportive gathering where people come together to share experiences and get practical tips for managing pain in daily life. The focus is on helping each other and finding ways to live a fulfilling life even with ongoing pain.

To register for the following dates, please use the links below:

Session 6 - Part 2 - Sleep - 19th June 12:30

Session 6 - Part 3 - Sleep - 17th July 12:30

Session 7 - Communication - 21st August 12:30

Session 8 - Managing Moods - 18th September 12:30

Session 9 - Medicines and Nutrition - 16th October 12:30

Session 10 - Managing Setbacks - 20th November 12:30

If you would like more information contact


Please be aware that this is a group session and will not be confidential. By registering and attending the session you understand that any information you share within your registration or within the Pain Café may be visible to other participants of the group session.
As a participant you may be privy to information other patients choose to share and you should endeavour to maintain the confidence of other patients, as you would expect with your information.
Information provided in the group session will not be recorded by Lincolnshire ICB or any of its staff, unless specifically requested and individual consent given. Lincolnshire ICB will record attendance numbers and geographical location anonymously, this information will be used to evaluate the session and will be held for a period of 2 years.
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