Opioid Reduction - Development Webinars

The Opioids CRG is currently exploring pilot areas to start work with patients taking 120mg-300mg morphine equivalent medications per day. The group would like to encourage appropriate colleagues to join the below webinars:

Supporting patients with chronic non-cancer pain - Monday 12 September 2022, 1-2pm.

This webinar is appropriate to any colleagues and networks that include social prescribers and health and wellbeing coaches, working in primary care. Organised by the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN), this free webinar is for anyone in the East Midlands who wants to gain an understanding of chronic non-cancer pain and how best to personalise a support offer that is not medicines focused. The link to register is here.

The East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) are also hosting two free one-hour webinars that introduce practical strategies to support pain management in the context of a busy GP practice. These webinars will be useful for any clinician working in primary care, but may be of interest to clinicians working in other areas:

Making the time countWednesday 28 September 2022, 1-2pm.

This webinar will cover useful strategies to provide effective pain management in a time-pressured environment. To register follow this link.

A self-management blueprint - Thursday 6 October 2022, 1-2pm.

This webinar will explore how self-management can be used to the best effect in pain management, including ‘what works’ and what to recommend. To register follow this link.

NHS Lincolnshire ICB Launches DIP UTI Service in Community Pharmacy

Dip UTI Pilot - New Diagnose and Treat Service

NHS Lincolnshire ICB has partnered with Healthy.io to pilot a UTI test and treat service in community pharmacy. This will reduce the need for patients to book primary care appointments for simple UTIs. The Dip UTI service is available in Lincolnshire Co-operative Pharmacies and provides eligible patients with a free urine test kit to take home and an app to download onto their phone which will guide patients through the testing process. The app uses the smartphone’s camera to deliver clinical-grade results in less than 5 minutes. Patients can then share their results with a Co-op pharmacist to receive the appropriate care, including antibiotics if needed, via a Patient Group Direction (PGD).

The Dip UTI pilot starts on Monday 6th September 2021 in Lincolnshire Co-operative Pharmacies. Please mention the service to patients calling your practice with simple UTIs as they may wish to visit their local Co-op Pharmacy instead of booking a primary care appointment.

Benefits of the service:

  1. Better care for patients - immediate solution to treat UTI without the need to book a primary care appointment.
  2. Helps alleviate pressure on primary care.
  3. Patients can be referred as part of the GP Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (GP CPCS).
  4. The antibiotics included on the PGD are in line with the Lincolnshire Joint Formulary.

Please notice that the service is intended for simple UTIs, and therefore fits women aged 16-64 who*:

  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not suffer from recurring UTIs
  • Do not suffer from diabetes
  • Do not have visible blood in their urine
  • Do not have fever or flu-like symptoms
  • Do not have a catheter

*this list is not exclusive. For full list of exclusion criteria please refer to the service Patient Group Direction (PGD).

For more information, please see the attached leaflets