Medicines to consider deprescribing

This is a quick reference guide that can be used to support decisions around de-prescribing medicines when conducting SMRs. The document contains links to local and national guidance, as well as de-prescribing tools such as STOPP/START and the 7 Steps to appropriate polypharmacy guidance.



Health Innovation East Midlands – Polypharmacy Programme

Training Opportunities

As part of their polypharmacy programme, the Health Innovation East Midlands are running local polypharmacy Action Learning Sets (ALSs) to upskill the primary care workforce to be more confident about stopping unnecessary medicines. For more information, please follow the link.


Patient information materials

As part of their public behaviour change, the Health Innovation East Midlands have developed a range of patient information materials in different community languages to support and prepare people who have been invited for a medication review with their GP, pharmacist or other healthcare professional. These are available to download from the HIEM website: Patient-Information.


PrescQIPP Resources

Medication and falls

Guidance is provided on deprescribing Fall-Risk-Increasing Drugs (FRIDs) and when deciding whether to initiate medicines in older people at risk of falls

Good prescribing – ensuring appropriate polypharmacy

In conjunction with the ‘ensuring appropriate polypharmacy’ flowchart, this bulletin aims to support decision making at different stages of  prescribing and medication review.



IMPACT - Improving Medicines and Polypharmacy Appropriateness Clinical Tool

This bulletin provides suggestions for consideration for clinicians to optimise medicines use, and provide practical advice (where it is available) about how to safely stop/discontinue/withdraw a medicine and issues to consider.