Lincolnshire Prescribing and Clinical Effectiveness Forum (PACEF) was founded in 2007. It is the current strategic advisory network to NHS Lincolnshire CCG. PACEF has the responsibility for ensuring the cost-effective use of medicines and other healthcare interventions and their functional integration into healthcare delivery across Lincolnshire.

Representation on the group is comprised of leading professionals from the Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, primary care, the local Acute Trusts (United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust and Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust), Lincolnshire Community Health Services, Local Medical Council and Local Pharmaceutical Council. 

PACEF Bulletins

PACE Bulletin Vol 15 No 1 Mar 21


Semaglutide 3mg,7mg & 14 mg tablets ( Rybelsus) approved as AMBER 2.

Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets (Forxiga) approved as AMBER 2 for the treatment of heart failure.

FreeStyle Libre 2® sensors approved as AMBER 2 for use in line with NHS England guidance for Flash Glucose Monitors.

Levosert®- Levonorgestrel 20 micrograms/24 hours Intrauterine Delivery System, License change, duration of use for contraception extended to 6 years. Remains as GREEN on formulary, now classed as first choice intrauterine progesterone only contraceptive for women aged under 45 years of age.

Kyleena® Levonorgestrel 19.5mg intrauterine delivery system approved as GREEN when a lower dose progesterone only intrauterine device is required.

Methotrexate 2mg/ml oral solution (Jylamvo®) approved as AMBER 1.

Pilocarpine 5 mg film-coated tablets approved as AMBER 2.

Balsalazide sodium 750mg capsules (Colazide) approved as AMBER 2.